Hello, I am Hailey Dunne! I started the blog, The Urban Romantic, as a way to explore and share a creative lifestyle with a positive and honest point of view from my urban mid-western home. I am originally from Ontario, Canada, spent many of my growing up years in Florida, but now call Kansas City, Missouri home. Life is messy and hard, but beautiful, and I aim to see the wonder in each day.

I love British murder mystery shows, black coffee, pretty stationary, 80s new wave inspired alt rock, and lots of books. Here is where I cultivate, organize, and share my writing, photography, adventures, inspirations, as well as the works and pursuits of other wonder-filled people, especially women ("woman power, really" - Diana from Season 1 of The Great British Baking Show).


All content, writing, and photography on this website are original to myself, unless otherwise credited.

Portraits on this page and the blog sidebar are by the lovely Erin Martinez.