Visual List: Foxy Fall Finds

I think we all have a favorite animal, like your Aunt Sue who collects things with cows on them. Forest creatures have been everywhere for a while now, and they become even more popular in the Fall, trending in everything from fashion and baby clothes, to housewares and decor. My favorite forest creature has to be the fox. He's cunning, playful, beautiful, and he knows it! I have a few foxy things in my collection, including two items from this visual list. Can you guess which ones? FoxFinds2 1. Fox Watercolor by Amber Alexander// 2. Tory Burch Scarf// 3. Coral and Tusk Foxy Badge//

4. Gina Doll// Outfox the Eye Sweater// Limited Edition Target Bag// 7. Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roal Dahl//

8. Target Serving Tray// 9. Sly Fox Door Knocker//